Ohio's New Booster Seat Law and Free Booster Carseat Offer!

The State of Ohio, USA will start implementing a new booster seat law starting October 7th. The new law requires that all children younger than 8 and shorter than 4'9'' is required to be in a booster seat while travelling in a car. The law definitely aims to enhance the safety of kids while they travel.

In the meantime, in support of the initiative taken by the state's legislators and to raise awareness towards the new law. Civic minded organizations from the state offered "free booster seat" to visitors of the Children Museum of Cleveland on Sunday Oct. 4th. Safe Kids Greater Cleveland, Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Kohls Cares for Kids joined hands with the Children's Museum and gave away 100 free booster seats for kids who meets the requirement as stated in the new law.

Kudos to the state and the organization that gave away the free booster seats. It's really nice to know that parent's everywhere are getting together and raise awareness to car seat safety.

Booster seats are in most cases without straps. It helps children who are too big for a car seat but still smaller for the car's shoulder strap to fit snugly across their chest. A car's shoulder straps are normally designed for an adult. Boosters lift the kids just enough for the car's strap to be placed properly on their chest thereby providing them better protection in case of impact.


New Grant Awarded for Mobile Unit of Passenger Safety Seat Program of the Lee Memorial Health System

"The mobile unit will enable us to inspect more child safety seats throughout Lee and Collier county, to keep children safe, and to educate parents, grandparents, and care providers on the importance of a properly installed child passenger safety seat,"

The statement above came from Michele King, the director of the Child Advocacy, The Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida. The hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System Foundation recently announced that it received a grant of $10,000 from the The League Club, Inc. The money will be used to purchase a mobile unit for the Hospital’s Child Passenger Safety Seat Program.

"Without the grant from The League Club, Inc. we would have been unable to purchase the mobile safety unit this year,"

Who is The League Club, Inc.?

From their site,

The League Club, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of women strengthening communities through fellowship, education, volunteerism and philanthropy. The League Club supports the community financially through its Community Trust Fund, having awarded grants totaling nearly $2 million to nonprofit agencies in Collier and Lee counties since 1987. For more information please visit us at

As we know, proper installation of car seats is vital for the child’s safety in the car. With statistics telling us that 80 percent or more of car seats are improperly installed, programs like that by the hospital is quite important to educate parents and caregivers. Good thing for the League Club to step up and help out. Thanks to them, with the mobile unit, the hospital can reach out to more people.

For residents in the Lee and Collier county area in Florida, the hospital’s program provides free car seat inspections at day care centers, safety fairs, and other agencies including the Guadalupe Center, Redlands Christian Migrant Association, the YMCA and the Child Advocacy Center of Collier County. As the lead agency for the Safe Kids Lee/Collier Coalition, the Children's Hospital's child advocacy program staff are responsible for the recording and reporting of the related data to the Florida Department of Transportation and to Safe Kids Worldwide.

"We are pleased to make this grant supporting the Children's Hospital", said Trig Cooley, The League Club, Inc.'s 2009 Civic Involvement Committee Chair, who oversaw the grant selection process.